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EDS in its fixed version is a computer based system for monitoring the cylinder combustion, injection, and therefore Diesel engine performance. The data collected is referenced to the crank angle of each cylinder, therefore allowing the tuning of injection pumps, valves, and the whole engine.
The software provided allow the monitoring of turbocharger efficiency, ambient correction, and engine balancing.

EDS Online sensor installed permanently in a special cylinder cock valve
Special cylinder cock valve block with a main valve for engine cylinder purging and a second valve for the pressure sensor

Measurements can be done on auxiliary or main engines. The system can be supplied with one pressure sensor per cylinder permanently fitted in special cylinder cock valve or with only one pressure sensor that the operator must change from cylinder to cylinder.

The hardware consists into a number of boxes that are distributted around the engine to which each senseor is attached and a cable run up to the engine control room to transfer the data to a dedicated computer. To each data box can be attached two pressure sensors one for in cylinder pressure measurements and one for fuel pump measurements.

EDS Online concept wiring diagram


Information on engine condition and performance is displayed both numerically and graphically in a user friendly software. Pressure traces, heat rease diagrams and tables are readly displyed. Data comparision to reference data, ambient data corrections for tempearture and atmosferic pressure, and turbocharger effciency are all displayed.

EDS online as fitted on board of an Dual Fuel engine

As a result engineers will be aware of inneficiencies of operation, limiting fuel costs, pollution and maintenance. A full text editor allows the user to produce its own anotations and reports. All the data can be sent a shore.

Open diagram and its derivative
Comparasion of various cylinders
Balancing graphs
Auto Report

Monitored variables:

  • Pmi Mean indicated pressure
  • Pcomp Compression pressure
  • Pmax Maximum combustion pressure
  • APmax Crank angle at maximum combustion pressure
  • Pexp Expansion pressure (pressure at 40. after TDC)
  • RPR Rate of Pressure Rise due to combustion
  • Aign Angle of Ignition
  • Pinjmax Maximum fuel injection pressure
  • Ainjmax Crank angle at max fuel injection pressure
  • Indicated Power power in cylinder
  • RPM Speed of engine during measurement
  • PScav scavenging air pressure

Ambient conditions correction algoritms:
The software program is also providing a module for ambient conditions correction of Exhaust gas temperatures, Compression pressure, Scavenging pressure, Maximum combustion pressure thus allowing measurements taken in the tropics to be compared with measurements taken in cold climates like North of Europe.

Turbocharger efficiency monitoring algoritms:
Making the manual input of some variables and with some measured values, the program will calculate the Turbine efficiency and the compressor efficiency, thus allowing the condition monitoring of the various engine turbochargers.

Parameters Trending:
Bar graphs are an easy way of checking the engine balance, overload or deviation in operating parameters for the cylinders.

Parameters for relative or absolute presentation:
• Mean indicated pressure
• Max combustion pressure
• Compression pressure
• Expansion pressure
• Ignition timing
• Cylinder pressure at any angle
• Scavenging pressure
• Angle of maximum combustion pressure
• Exhaust gas temperature
Turbocharger efficiency:
• Turbine efficiency
• Compressor efficiency

The bar graphs presenting deviation in reference to the average and absolutes values are effective tools for tuning of the engine and maintenance planning. Making easy the identification of wrong ignition timings of the various cylinders.

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