KDS - Knock & Misfiring Monitoring System


KDS is a distributted engine monitoring system, that is used to protect your engine against a number of operational malfunctions.

KDS was orginally developed to monitor the combustion of Dual-Fuel and Gas engines equipped with our VTec Systems, to detect knocking and misfiring, but it  has been used with sucess to minitor the combustion of high speed Diesel engines, usually not equipped with cyclinder cock valves.

KDS – is an online condition monitoring system, that monitors vibrations and relates the time signal and respective spectrums with the Top Dead Centre of each cylinder,  thus allowing one to perform a proper vibration analysis of the engine condition.

Knock Detection Unit
KDS typical connections diagram, interfacing with most popular electronic governors using Can SAE J1939 Protocol
KDS installed along a Diesel engine

Working principles:

Engine cylinder vibration analysis, using FFT (Fast Fourrier Transforms) and automatic  comparision of spectrums to a master reference spectrum.

Typical master reference spectrum

Engines cylinder data is analysed and compared at any single cylinder stroke, and referred to the cylinder valves timing and Top Dead Centre.

 Failures that are promptly recognised by KDS:

  • Cylinder Misfiring;
  • Pre ignition;
  • Knocking ;
  • Stucked Injector needle;
  • Bad combustion;
  • Wrong valve timing;
Knocking damaged piston crown

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