PVMS - Tank Pressure Vacuum Monitoring System

This system is intended for the use on board tanker vessels, to monitor and alarm the overpressure of the ship tanks while loading and vacuum created while the ship is unloading. A shore system is also available.

Tecno-PVMS is based on an architecture that allows interfacing with other systems onboard, for example VDR systems.

TECNO-PVMS is based on the most rugged Process Computer technology and through a password allows the system parameters to be set by authorized personnel.

Various touchscreen displays allow the interaction with the system at various ship locations, such as cargo office or bridge.
TECNO-PVMS is the unique system on the market that is constantly measuring the atmospheric pressure and calculating the exact pressure inside the tanks.

The system is intrinsically safe and classified to operate at the most strict explosive environments. The pressure transducers calibrations are done via modem, via the Hart Protocol.

The system is equipped with sound and visual alarms and allows the user to set the following alarms individually for each tank, high and high-high, low and low-low alarms.

It is delivered as a package that includes:

  • switch board;
  • pressure transducers;
  • one-touch screen console;
  • cabling;
  • cabling glands;
  • pressure transducers protections in stainless steel;
  • instructions manuals;
  • certificates of calibration;
  • certificates of compliance for use in classified areas.

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