The complete VEEO - Voyage Energy and Emissions Optimiser Interfaces with multiple existing ship systems and instruments to deliver comprehensive knowledge and analysis of the performance of all major energy consumers.

An intutive dashboard allows users to access the full range of information at any time through a cloud based system.

Utilising this integrated management approach, it is possible to easily identify inefficiencies and optimise main engine and auxiliary machinery performance. In addition, the VEEO produces reports, historical trend analysis, KPI tracking and future vessel performance predictions to enable holistic management of the fleet and vessels.



What is Measured? 

Through an easy to use dashboard, the VEEO Mk4 delivers in-depth comprehensive information on all variables related to energy use in both report and graphic formats. The VEEO MK4 Interfaces with existing ship systems and instruments involved in energy use and transmission showing the performance of both vessel and auxiliary machinery.
Outputs include: Mass of HFO per nautical mile, Mass of LFO per nautical mile; CO2 per nautical mile, Energy used per nautical mile, Shaft mechanical efficiency; Vessel total resistance; CO2 per shaft kWh; Velocity per shaft kWh.

What Can it be Used For?

The VEEO system not only collates and displays key performance metrics for all energy consumers on-board a vessel but it also performs key statistical analysis on these to offer a far more detailed comprehensive support tool.


Main measurement functions: 

Live Voyage Data: Ship Energy Consumption Performance, Weather Routing Information, Trim Optimisation, Winds and Currents & Key Performance Indicators;

Fuel Management: Fuel consumption reports, ECA/Changover Reports, CO2 Emissions Reports;

Auxillary Machinery Data: Generator performance, generator emissions, boiler efficiency, HR turbo generator efficiency, economiser efficiency, boiler emissions;

Ship/Fleet Performance Projections: Speed loss as a function of Time, KPI’s as a function of Time,   Fuel Consumption Increase as a Funtion of Time, Short Time Trending of any variable, Ship Modelling, Fleet Performance Benchmarking, resistance as a function of time;

Automated Reporting: Noon Reports, EEOI EETI Voyagage Reports, Fuel reports, Noon Emissions Reports.



Installation of VEEO Mk4

VEEO is essentially a monitoring and data logging system, that collects data from HFO, LFO flowmeters as well as from the GPS and Shaft power.

Stage One:  Identify what systems, meters and sensors are already exisiting on-board that can be connected to VEEO Mk4, like flowmeters, generators CTs, torquemeters, AC plant, cargo pumps.Client specifies what information they would like to be able to monitor through VEEO Mk4. Any additional equipement requirements are identified by TecnoVeritas.

Stage Two:
A VEEO HMI and VEEO DAS are installed and all machinery/engine rooms systems are linked to these on the bridge.
Bridge and NMEA data is along with the data from the VEEO HMI and VEEO DAS is networked to a central VEEO PC  on the vessel.
This transmits the information automatically to the shore based systems via a satellite communications link, 3G or wifi.

VEEO MK4 have type approval by American Bureau of Shipping.

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VEEO – Voyage Energy & Emissions Optimizer won the first prize of the Seatrade Awards 2012 on the Clean Shipping category.

VEEO MK4 have NATO Equipment stock number.