BOEM-S is an universal interface able to acquire data from any existing monitoring system, also being part of the equipment a rugged and efficient data acquisition system.

It is a data platform based on the cloud, accessible anywhere with any device, as long as there is an internet connection, through which it acquires and makes data available after being processed and treated.

To treat data BOEM-S has intelligence, advanced calculation, filtering algorithms and two dashboards, one for parameterizations only accessible to the operator and the other available for the final user.

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  • Technical Management Module
  • Technical Management Module
  • Technical Management Module
  • Technical Management Module
  • Commercial Management Module
  • Maintenance Management Module


Performance Monitoring

Plant Performance Monitoring

This module is dedicated to the determination of the plant performance, this is achieved by applying data filtering and analytical tools used to evaluate the plant performance, and its prediction as a function of time.

Having the knowledge of how plant performance will vary with time out (typically time between maintenance tasks) it will be possible using this module to counteract the causes of the loss of performance in such a way that a desired performance level is always maintained. Examples of performance variables are, the Specific Fuel Oil Consumption, Primary Energy usage, Efficiency etc.

Plant Doc

Plant Doc

PlantDoc is a module dedicated to the plant documents availability and archiving, to all the people involved with the plant documentation anywhere at any time with the same updated versions. Ship Doc also, deals with the dates of validity and dates of renewal, advising in advance the certificates and other documents that will be outdated in a near future, so that the necessary actions may be taken on time. The documents may be grouped into classification.

Commercial Management

Plant Commercial Management

This module objective is to optimize a power plant in financial terms, calculating the financial result on a daily, month and year basis. It takes full advantage of the Plant Performance Monitoring Module as it uses the actual plant data to produce the commercial evaluation predictions. Thus using updated power plant performance data (such as power plant consumption and energy produced) together with weather forecast data very accurate results are returned. The module also allows, the comparison between alternative modes of operation and expected use of fuel, fuel costs, and energy produced are translated into financial result of the various modes of operation.


Plant Maintenance

The plant Maintenance module has been developed under the same philosophy as all the BOEM-S platform, organizing the ship maintenance using the same tree organization. Production and maintenance Department, System, Machine and points on the machine. Therefore the maintenance actions are easily identified, with warning icons based on running hours. Once inspected the machinery items with warning icons, maintenance task procedure, spare parts required, spare parts availability, required tools and man/hours information become available together with a budget based on the last costs of the spares and man/hours.

Condition Based Monitoring

Condition Based Monitoring

As condition based maintenance may be the most adequate solution for an economically viable machinery maintenance, like pumps vibrations, or turbo chargers vibrations, following the same philosophy of BOEM-S, such machinery items may be monitored using the same organizing tree. In such a way, easy identification of the items is possible and fast. This module allows the trend analysis of mechanical vibrations as well as any other type of parameter to be monitored.


BOEM-S as software can be complemented with other services and products, for a better performance of your facilities: