Energy is a precious commodity that must be optimized.

Having regard to the current political, economic and environmental scenario, we can help you optimize your energy consumption.

The TecnoVeritas is recognized by DGEG (Direcção Geral de Energia e Geologia) as an Examiner of the Terms of Use and Energy Rationalization Plans author, and as an Entity Audit to conduct energy audits to cogeneration plants.





  • Measurements of energy consumption;
  • Measurements of fluid flow and enthalpy;
  • Thermal analysis;
  • Analysis mains;
  • Combustion efficiency analysis;
  • Efficiency analysis and determination of specific consumption of equipment and systems.


  • Plans to rationalize energy consumption;
  • Energy optimization processes;
  • Studies of technical and economic viability;
  • Financial analysis of energy conservation solutions.


  • Implementation of Energy Management System;
  • Solutions to reduce energy consumption;
  • Monitoring the Plan of rationalization of energy consumption.



The Energy Audit emerges as a key tool in the management of energy consumption as a result of which benefits are achieved, such as:

  • Increased energy efficiency of installed equipment;
  • Reduction of Energy Invoice;
  • Increase Company Productivity;
  • Better knowledge of the facilities and the energy cost of each stage of the process;
  • Reducing the cost of production Unit;
  • Identify energy wastage situations and correct them;
  • Reduction of Environmental Impact;
  • Access to financial contributions to investment in the energy sector.



Currently the law recognizes to the cogeneration plants the right to be paid the benefits against the cost and pollutant emissions to avoid compared with traditional forms of energy power conversion.

It is necessary to measure the overall efficiency of the process. In this context the current legislation on cogeneration facilities make mandatory the evaluation of the operating conditions of these facilities, every two years, carried out by an independent auditor recognized by DGEG, under Article 23 of Decree-Law No. 538/99 of 13th December and Decree-Law No. 68-A/2015.

In order to increase the energy efficiency of cogeneration plants, and consequent operating benefits resulting from, we offer a full-service energy audit and diagnosis of alternators groups focusing on:

  • The evaluation of the operating conditions of the cogeneration facility according to current legislation, including the efficiency measured by the amount of REE (equivalent electrical efficiency) and the amount of energy supplied to the EPS network;
  • The evaluation of performance of the alternator group based on the comparison of operating parameters measured during the audit group (group performance evaluation tests) with those values upon startup (protocol values);
  • The measurement and analysis of mechanical vibrations alternators groups is to evaluate the behavior of the mechanical vibration measured at set points according to the procedures explained in the specific international standards.