Every conversion project is unique. With more than 20 years of experience, we developed world leading knowledge and expertise on how to convert engines to operate with lower emissions, at reduced operational costs.



The Dual Fuel System allows simultaneous combustion of gas and diesel (or HFO) through its individual cylinder injection.

Diesel engines operated fuel can be converted to operate with up to 95% per cycle heat from the natural gas or methanol. It can also be another gaseous fuel, such as hydrogen, propane, LPG etc.

This allows the correction of cylinder parameters such as: temperature, maximum combustion pressure and knocking. By controlling the quantity of gas ensuring operations of the highest efficiency and safety.

Dual Fuel Project
Dual Fuel Project



  • Maintenance costs in the dual fuel mode are lower than the operation in diesel mode;
  • Pollutant emissions (CO2, NOx, particles) are reduced, enabling compliance with legislation, increasingly restricted, referring to the gaseous emissions, particularly NOx;
  • With a diesel engine conversion dual fuel not only maintenance costs down about 20% compared to the corresponding to the operation diesel, but no motor efficiency losses, because the combustion is continued processing in accordance with the Diesel cycle;
  • The TecnoVeritas It has high technical competence, to ensure the reliability and quality of service.


We are highly engaged in ongoing research on the use of alternative gaseous fuels. Meaning that you are always assured of the latest knowledge and solutions.

We started its engine conversion service in 2000, Australia. And in 2008 held the first conversion in Portugal, at a cogeneration plant in Estarreja.