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Laboratório para a Universidade de Newcastle upon Tyne em Inglaterra

Motor Stirling

TecnoVeritas - VTEC

R&D - Optipower

Videos de Engenharia


Combustível Seguro

Wartsila – Sulzer RTA96-C

The biggest Engine in the world

Wartsila – Hunday

Engine Company in Korea

CAT Marine Power

Mak M32 C Diesel Engine

Overhaul of Piston rod stuffing Box

Centrifugal Oil Filter | Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Working Principle



MAN – Diesel Technology

Part 1

MAN – Diesel Technology

Part 2

MAN – Diesel Technology

Part 3

MAN – Diesel Technology

Part 4

MAN – Diesel Technology

Part 5

1ST Silent Running Ship Engine

Diesel Engine Governors

Function of Slide Fuel Valve

Slide Fuel Valves for Slow

steaming running of two-stroke Diesel


Manoeuvring System

Replacement of main bearing

MAN - Diesel Engine

MAN- History

Rudolf Diesel

Caterpillar MaK M32C

Engine tilt test with Siemens generator

MAN Motor

U-boat diesel engine

22500 HP Large Bore Diesel Engine

Diesel Marine Engine

Deutz 545 starting

1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32 D


Marine Flexible CamShaft Technology


Common Rall


1906 Engine


Marine Engine Manufacturing Kiel

Ship Shaftting Alingment measurements

Thrust Block

location & function

Mandrel Forging Ring Anderson Shumaker

Ductile Iron Pipe

Stainless Steel Manufactures

Pattern manufacturing of marine propeller to shape the mould

Marine Propeller Demonstration

Diesel Piezo

Injector Voltage Current

Dual Fuel Engine

Process Educational Video

How an Engine Works

Toyota Educational Video

Injector Coil Type Animation

Educational Video


Manufacturing Plant

Man B&W

The New Generation of Two-Strokes Engine

MAN B&W Overhaul

Video Introduction Exhaust Valve and Fuel Pump

MAN Motor U-boat Diesel Engine

Motor MAN Diesel