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The 1st Hydrogen Dilemma – Storage & Transportation

There are two dilemmas that have been posing delays in the hydrogen economy and therefore decarbonization, the 1st is Storage & Transportation, and the 2nd is the reliable and sufficiently powered hydrogen prime movers. Storage & Transport of Hydrogen Most hydrogen is stored either at high pressure, up to 900 bar, or liquified. Both these […]
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Existing Vessels Revamping to TIER III

While deterioration of earth’s environment is becoming an international problem, reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulphur oxides), PM (Particulate matter / black carbon), and other emissions from ships are being enforced, most of the reduction technologies are easy to implement on new ships, but how about on existing ships? The existing world fleet […]
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Hydrogen for all the cars

There is a growing demand for hydrogen fuelling networks, following the introduction of commercial Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles from most leading car manufacturers, although according to the principles of the circular economy, there are millions of cars in circulation around the world using internal combustion engines, namely Otto and Diesel Cycles. Will all these thousands […]
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