Sampling Kits

LabTecno, TecnoVeritas’ dedicated laboratory, can provide the following sampling kits and equipment to collect samples:

Marine Fuels/oils Sampling Kit

Kit Components:

  • HDPE Bottles of 1 L e/ou 0,5 L;
  • Sample Identification Seals;
  • Documentation to be filled out, in case it applies;
  • Security Seals with proper Identification Number;
  • Waterproof Ziplock Bags for Transport
  • LabTecno Transport Cases.

For Maritime applications, the nominated party will carefully obtain this way a representative sample during the delivery of the fuel grade. The representative samples taken during bunkering will be split into four (4) sub-samples in clean, unused sample containers. These samples will be sealed, with the seal numbers recorded as bellow:

  • 1st Sample to be shipped to LabTecno for analysis;
  • 2nd Sample to be retained by the fuel supplier;
  • 3rd Sample to be retained on board the vessel;
  • 4th Sample will be retained on-board the vessel for 12 months in relation to the requirements of Marpol Annex VI.

Road/Industrial Diesel Sampling Kit

Kit Components:

  • 1 L Transparent Container;
  • Hand pumps to aid in sampling transfers, with instructions;
  • Sample Identification Seals;
  • Waterproof Ziplock bags during transportation;
  • Labtecno Transport Containers

LabTecno can arrange if required the logistics involved with the shipping of the sampling kits to the client’s address, as well as the return to our laboratory for analysis. This service will be invoiced separately being the costs the responsibility of the client.

Related Products


Drip Sampling Flanges for Fuel Oil/Marine Diesel Sampling


  • Produced by TecnoVeritas (this is not a product developed by LabTecno) in accordance with EN 1092-1-01 (DIN 2502 PN16);
  • Available for the DN100 and DN150 diameters;
  • Allow to withstand maximum service pressure of 12 bar g and temperature of 191ºC;
  • Dimension of the body (approximately): 418 mm (height) x 24 mm (width) x 285 mm (length);
  • Body material: AISI304 (stainless steel 304)

Fuel Samples are used to obtain a clear indication of the operating status of your machinery. One of the most important aspects of any fuel analysis program is the sampling methods and equipment used. Often these are weak links that quickly compromise the program.

Obtaining a representative fuel sample is one of the most important factors of a scheduled analysis program. Representative, uncontaminated fuel samples are required for both regulatory and commercial purposes.

A high standard fuel sample will contain an accurate representation of the contaminants, additives, oxidation, particulates, and wear conditions of plant and equipment. If a sample does not represent the true condition of the fuel at the time of sampling, the reliability of both the test result and its interpretation is affected.

The Benefits of Drip Sampling Flanges:

  • Lightweight and very easy to install – obtaining a representative sample quickly and easily.
  • Other Drip Sampling Flanges sizes are available because this product is custom-made for our client’s needs.
  • More economical and equal performance than the automatic drip samplers.