TecnoVeritas is a partner of the EC Framework 6 HISMAR program.


HISMAR is intended to be a multifunctional robotic platform which will offer the option to perform specific inspection or maintenance tasks such as structural integrity monitoring of the ship’s hull or carrying out cleaning.


This project offers a means to effectively and efficiently undertake hull inspection and maintenance, thereby improving the potential safety of the vessel. Cleaning of the hull ensures that the vessel maintains the lowest possible resistance, which has an extremely large impact on the hydrocarbon fuel consumed and reduces vessel emissions and operating costs.


TecnoVeritas developed the mechanical study and manufacturing of the robot platform, waterproof drive, motor casings and cleaning heads. Extensive use of solid modelling computer tools was used as well as the use of a substantial knowledge of marine, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. HISMAR is being developed as a moss cleaning system for ships.


It is known that the presence of marine growth on the hull can increase drag and thereby slow down the ship.
This robotic system, attached to the hull, will vacuum clean the hull of the ship along a predetermined path and thus contribute to better fuel efficiency by reducing drag.

What’s Innovative:
  • HISMAR makes use of a hull map with all the contour details.
  • The system subjects the hull to a pressurized jet of seawater and the slime is then collected in the main chamber, where the water is filtered and released into the sea.
  • This process makes sure no pollutants are washed back into the water body.
  • It can be a problem if marine growth on the hull of a ship has to be cleaned manually every single day. Automation is the way to go and HISMAR realizes this objective. The obvious environmental and economic benefits make this concept highly desirable.


Hismar Project


Figure 1 – Hismar Project