Another ENERMULSION unit was successfully commissioned from 15th to 19th July in India at Madurai Power Plant.


The unit of 3000 kg/h capacity is equipped with an advanced control system of five ultrasonic cascatrodes and their respective cavitation chambers using a total sonication power of 12.5 kW. Such power produces the partial thermal ionic decomposition of the water into hydrogen and oxygen compounds, facilitating the combustion of 16 MW Wartsila Diesel Engines operated with HFO of densities around 1010 kg/m3 @ 15ºC and viscosities up to 500 cSt @ 50ºC, therefore producing interesting fuel savings as well as the control of exhaust gas emissions namely Nitrogen Oxides NOx, Particulate matter and Carbon Monoxide CO. Training was delivered successfully to all the operation team of the plant.


India, Madurai Power Plant


Image 1 – India, Madurai Power Plant