TecnoVeritas was involved on the sailing vessel main engine repair in Lisbon. As a result of serious main engine damage, the vessel has entered the Lisbon Port, receiving a new main engine from Caterpillar. TecnoVeritas was involved with the new alignment vibrations and noise. The vessel had the sea trials on the last 22nd and as a result, she is now silent and quiet as a Tal ship must be. Congratulations to the owner and “Bonne Voyage”.

The Gulden Leeuw


Image 1 – The Gulden Leeuw




Originally the Gulden Leeuw was built in 1937 on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and was called the “Dana”. The DANA was designed and built as an ocean-going ice class ship. During its period of service for the Danish government, it was frequently used for marine biological research, not only in Danish waters but also in international ones. In the 80’s she was used as an offshore support ship, and after that, the Danish Nautical School trained their students to become experienced seamen. In 2007 P&T Charters bought the Dana. These entrepreneurs from the commercial sailing sector have converted this ship into a fast three-masted topsail schooner.


They renamed her as Gulden Leeuw. The Gulden Leeuw has been designed by the renowned ship’s architects’ office of KHMB Y&S Design/Korner and it has been converted by the Balk Royal Shipyard at Urk. In 2013 the Gulden Leeuw received the STI award for the “Most innovative initiative”. Awarded to the sail training ship that has developed their own version of the S.T.A.N sail training programme since 2010. Their programme empowers young trainees to fully use their initiative to a point where they run every aspect of the ship by themselves.




Rig: Three-mast topsail Schooner
Homeport: Kampen, Netherlands
Date Built: 1937
Restored: 2010
Crew: 4-12 pax
Capacity: 56 pers.
Daytrip: 200 pers.
Length (loa): 70.1 m
Beam: 8.6 m
Draught: 4.2 m
Sail: 1400 m2
Displacement: 675 ton
Height of mast: 40 m
Engine of capacity: 1200 HP