Water in fuel emulsions using Enermulsion, outstanding results


TecnoVeritas has been a pioneer on the water in fuel emulsions, last week completed another project at Los Guinchos – La Palma – diesel power station. The emissions of the diesel generators operated on heavy fuel oil, decreased by 13.5% on NOx, 30% on CO and 14% on SO2, although these figures are fantastic, the decrease in fuel consumption was noted to be well above 3% by mass.


This patented technology uses ultrasounds to achieve the thermal ionic decomposition of water, into hydrogen, oxygen and its compounds (peroxides) which are all combustion improvers. It is an “in-line” system, not requiring buffer tanks or engines modifications. Its unique control system allows its operation into two modes, full emissions control and fuel savings.


Enermulsion has been implemented successfully in diesel and steam power stations, in India, Spain, Portugal and England, contributing simultaneously for a cleaner environment as well and substantial fuel and maintenance cost savings.

Los Guinchos Enermulsion


Image 1 – Los Guinchos Enermulsion