On the 24th January, TecnoVeritas hosted on its facilities, in Mafra, the SealTall Project, a project that is still running, promoted by XSEALENCE – Sea Technologies S.A. and INOV INESC Inovação.


“The SealTall project aims to develop a system that integrates a set of solutions to improve the monitoring and control of fishing activities, responding to different needs identified in current monitoring, control and surveillance systems. The solution to be developed will additionally have fishing management capabilities.


The consortium is constituted by XSEALENCE – Sea Technologies S.A. and by an entity of the Portuguese National Scientific and Technological System, INOV – INESC Inovação, bringing together the technical and scientific competences for its development.” Source: XSEALANCE

Dr. Jorge Antunes explaining the innovation


Image 1 – Dr Jorge Antunes explaining the innovation

Apart from hosting the event, TecnoVeritas also integrates the project, through the development of an innovative system of fish quantification. This system consists in the register the volume inside fishing ships freezers.


During the morning, each entity involved presented the status of its part of the project, presenting valuable questions and suggestions.