TecnoVeritas expertise has been, focused on the energy efficiency of vessels, new fuels, and optimisation, although trying to deliver more value to the clients, it has complemented its range of marine services, using its knowledge and the best CAD, tools available.


Source: Orca3D Software

TecnoVeritas has been serving the marine industry for more than 25 years, now adapting to the new market requirements, and therefore complementing its range of marine services, by providing to all the clients, consultancy for new ship projects as well as to ship conversions, including repowering.


TecnoVeritas is now offering to the market the consultancy in the following areas:


Hull Design, Hydrostatics, Intact Stability, Parametric Speed and Power Predictions and analysis, Weight and cost tracking, and Systems design, including the design of pumping and piping system, such as Central Cooling Systems, Fuel system, and Exhaust gas systems, Scrubber installation, 3D Space inspections, etc.


Two other services that are now available from TecnoVeritas are the water tightness of holds and tanks, using Ultrasonic sources, approved by the major Classification societies. This service, avoid the water jet procedure, identifying with precision where the non-tight points are located and finalised with a comprehensive report, and certificate of test and compliance. TecnoVeritas Tightness service is recognised by important P&I clubs.


The other new marine service is the International Hazardous Materials as per European Union Regulation (EU) No 1257/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20th November 2013   and the HONGKONG Convention inspection and reporting services.


The Regulation applies to ships on international voyages, of 500 GT and above flying the flag of a Member State or the flag of a third country under the conditions of Article 12 of the Regulation. The Regulation applies to all vessels of any type whatsoever operating or having operated in the marine environment including submersibles, floating craft, floating platforms, self-elevating platforms, FSUs, and FPSOs, as well as ships stripped of equipment or being towed.


‘New’ and ‘existing’ ships, ‘ships going for recycling’ as well as ‘ships flying the flag of a third country’ shall have onboard an IHM following the relevant provisions of Article 5 or Article 12 of the Regulation.


TecnoVeritas also may produce the laboratory tests of samples, delivering a complete service to its clients.