TecnoVeritas has been appointed by Mystic Cruises, as dedicated energy and emissions managers.

Mystic Cruises is a luxury passenger shipping company, operating a fleet of brand-new expedition vessels in extremely environmentally sensitive areas, like Antarctica a polar circle. All the Mystic vessels are equipped with hybrid propulsion systems, as well as with emissions control systems, although for Mystic it is important to improve their operations, by reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

TecnoVeritas as a leading Marine Engineering company was appointed by Mystic, to manage the energy and emissions of the entire Mystic Cruises fleet, so that their vessels operation is optimised and complainant with the stricter environmental regulations.

As an innovative shipping company, Mystic initiated 4 years ago, with TecnoVeritas, a digitalisation project, developing a cloud-based platform called BOEM. The platform is monitoring ship performance (energy and emissions), but also Maintenance Management (awaiting approval of major Classification Society), Documentation, Purchasing, Budgeting, Drydocking, Reporting, etc.

As time is crucial, all the tasks performed for ship energy optimisation performed by BOEM, are based on Artificial Intelligence, as the quantity of data and its treatment and interpretation need to be automated and results readily available to take corrective actions when necessary.