There is news on the passenger ship market management software, TecnoVeritas a marine consultancy technology company, has been developing a “tailor-made” cloud-based toolbox application since 2014 – The BOEM “Blue Overall Efficiency Monitoring System”. As digital business is gaining momentum in all commercial sectors – cruising cannot be immune to these changes. Today, ship efficiency, became a much wider concept, is based on how well a vessel is operated, in a way of maximizing the investment and minimizing the environmental impacts.

The term ship efficiency has been limited to fuel consumption or energy use, but even this is strongly impacted by external factors, that may affect negatively or positively its efficiency of operation. The digitalisation of shipping, in general, is driven by vessel’s moments, which are derived from contextualized analysis of event streams, based on all data available of the vessel’s ecosystem. Sensing the business moments demands continuous real-time situational awareness inputs to generate optimised context-aware decisions.

Real-time situational awareness and context sensing are critical for an organization’s competence in event processing, and decision-making, requiring reliable information flows, and knowledge. Typically, such knowledge belongs to several individuals that have their limit of data analysis and processing capacity. Thus, excellence in event processing is essential to the success of an agile digital shipping business, and this is what BOEM is offering.

Most of ship operational data is treated in a non-effective way, using a myriad of different software tools, including spreadsheets, consuming money, and human resources for analysis and generating information flow interruptions. Therefore, not improving business as it could, and creating scepticisms. The reasons that compromise the success of an information Data system are: Out of time; Out of context; Without accuracy (human factor); Results not being delivered to the right persons on time.

BOEM is addressing all the above, in a friendly and customisable environment, connecting the ship to headquarters, seamlessly, with high flexibility of integration with other existing systems data. Since 2017, the solution was adopted by the specialised luxury passenger vessels Mystic Cruises with operations in Antarctica and North of Europe. The BOEM is covering all aspects of the ship management: Performance Monitoring; Energy and Emissions Optimisation; Voyage Optimisation; Maintenance Management; Reports and Documents (ISM, Fuel Reports, Crew Management, etc.); AVO; Ship Documentation; Purchasing; and Budgeting. As a result, continuous real-time situational awareness and optimised context-aware decisions are taken.