This paper describes the development of an experimental setup for the testing of a diesel engine in the direct injection hydrogen-fuelled mode. Test results showed that the use of hydrogen direct injection in a diesel engine gave a higher power to weight ratio when compared to conventional diesel-fuelled operation, with the peak power being approximately 14% higher. The use of inlet air heating was required for the hydrogen-fuelled engine to ensure satisfactory combustion, and a large increase in the peak in-cylinder gas pressure was observed. A significant efficiency advantage was found when using hydrogen as opposed to diesel fuel, with the hydrogen-fuelled engine achieving a fuel efficiency of approximately 43% compared to 28% in the conventional, diesel-fuelled mode. A reduction in nitrogen oxides emission formation of approximately 20% was further observed.


hydrogen, engine, compression ignition, direct injection, diesel.

Written by

J.M. Gomes Antunes, R. Mikalsen, A.P. Roskilly
RoskillySir Joseph Swan Institute for Energy Research, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, United Kingdom

14 pages




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