On 17th to 19th February, TecnoVeritas attended at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) International Research Conference: Transition to Low Carbon Mobility.

The conference lasted three days and was organized, convening most international renown Centres of Research and Universities, but also Influent companies. The three main topics of the Conference were:

  • Low Carbon Fuels and Engines: This topic encompasses talks and discussions on biofuels, hydrogen carriers, and other non-traditional fuels and the engine technologies that can use them. Speakers will discuss the major challenges limiting the adoption and deployment of these new fuel/engine systems and the research opportunities.
  • Impact of Low Carbon Mobility: This topic will feature talks and discussions from thought leaders on the impact of these various fuel/engine systems on reducing the sector’s carbon footprint, including life cycle analyses of these systems.
  • Moving up the TRL scale: This topic will focus on the particular challenges and opportunities associated with moving technologies out of the TRL 1-3 levels and through the valley of death to demonstration scale and beyond.” Source: KAUST

The CEO of TecnoVeritas, Dr. Jorge Antunes was one of the speakers at the Conference and presented the communication on: “Marine mobility and the dilemma of low carbon emissions. A technical and societal impact review”.

Besides the presentation, there is a Conference paper about the issue. (Download the paper).

During the event, Dr. Jorge was surprised with a recognition Award for his presence and work.

Img. 1 - Dr Jorge and other participants on the Award Cerimony on the International Research Conference: Transition to Low Carbon Mobility.
Img. 2 - The award received by Dr. Jorge.