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Marine Brochures

Download Brochures Marine Solutions BOEM-S - Ship Performance & Business Assurance Platform EDS - Engine Diagnosis System  Enermulsion - Fuel Conditioning System  Fuel Lab - On board Fuel & Lube Oil Laboratory  Optipower - Torque & Thrust Meter  VEEO - Voyage Energy & Emissions Optimiser  Specialised Services Laboratorial Analysis  EU MRV Legislation  SEEMP – Ship [...]
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Combining Innovation with Energy, with a single goal: reducing emissions

The production of electricity from non-renewable energy sources contributes significantly to global warming, climate change, and air pollution, in addition to using exhaustible resources. However, it is an easy energy to obtain, not depending on atmospheric conditions, unlike most renewable energy sources. The transport and goods manufacturing sectors are two of the main contributors to [...]
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TecnoVeritas Shortlisted for the Motorship Awards

TecnoVeritas is one of the four finalists for the Motorship Awards. The four shortlisted nominees will present their projects on 14th and 15th November, during Motorship’s Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference, in Hamburg. The winner will be the one with more votes from the conference delegates. For this year event, Motorship decided to do something [...]
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Introduction to Ultrasounds

1. Physical principles of ultrasound   Being a sound wave, ultrasound is transmitted through any substance, solid, liquid or gas possessing elastic properties. The movement of a vibrating body (the sound source) is communicated to the molecules of the medium, each of which transmits the motion to an adjoining molecule before returning to approximately its [...]
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