NRP Viana do Castelo

Displacement: 1850 t
LPP: 83.1 m
Mouth: 12.95 m
Draft: 3.82 m
Speed: 26 knots

Project Details:


Implementation of the VEEO energy monitoring and optimization system. TecnoVeritas had to create the software adapted to the ship, as well as create the necessary interfaces with the Rolls Royce Marine platform management system.
In parallel, it developed a cloud platform applied to the sending and receiving of data from the ship for the integral management of the unit. The objective is to extend the VEEO/BOEM system to all ocean patrols. The software includes ship operation data, voyage management data, document management data, crew management data, Conditioned Maintenance and ship, Auto, half-day, day, fuel consumption, ECA-DECA and performance reports.