Another TecnoVeritas project was accomplished on the last days of August: two Optipower units (Torque and Thrust meters) were fitted on board the SVITZER Tug “ORMSBY CROSS” in the port of Newcastle (UK).


Shaft power is being measured on the two shaft lines of the tug and is integrated into a monitoring system delivered by Royston of Newcastle. By measuring the shaft power system, the units allow the propulsion system to be monitored in terms of performance, as fuel is being measured simultaneously along with other operational variables of the tug.


Apart of the advantages of monitoring the propulsion system efficiency, Optipower is a valuable tool to optimise the vessel’s operation, and knowing the shaft power and thrust (optional feature) the operator may find many points where to improve the vessel operational efficiency, like average power, average thrust, waiting times, etc. Optipower Torque and Thrust meter can easily allow the segregation of efficiencies like Main Engines, Hull or Propellers Efficiency.


Watch Optipower Functioning


Image 1 – Svitzer Tug “Ormsby Cross”