To provide a better insight into the challenges related with Ship Energy Optimization, TecnoVeritas held today a seminar on SHIP ENERGY PERFORMANCE AND FUEL MANAGEMENT (30th of January 2013) for the Shipping Industry of Greece.


The seminar was intended to provide understanding on the broad range of aspects influencing ship energy performance, from both the technical and regulamentary perspectives.


TecnoVeritas Director, Mr Jorge Antunes conducted the main topics of the seminar. In the regulation framework area, subjects such as the implications of IMO present environmental regulations (MARPOL VI), SEEMP, and future upcoming regulations, such as the greenhouse gas emissions were covered. In the latter subject, “CARBON POSITIVE” speaker Mr John Magdalinos provided his expert knowledge on the CarbonRisk area. Mr P. Leontis, managing director of INTERNSHIP was also invited to provide his know-how, on “How to ensure proper Sea Trials”.


The rest of the seminar focused on the importance of “Voyage analysis and in-service performance monitoring” as well as on “Ship Benchmarking”. During the conference a live connection was made to a vessel deployed with VEEO (Voyage Energy & Emissions Optimiser) located in the sea of Japan, to demonstrate VEEO potential for fleet management optimization.


The SHIP ENERGY PERFORMANCE AND FUEL MANAGEMENT seminar was conducted at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens and was sought with great interest by about 80 attendees from the Greek Shipping Industry. This seminar is one of a series of ‘seminars’ that have been taking place across the world since last year. If you would like more information on future seminars or more information on the SHIP ENERGY PERFORMANCE AND FUEL MANAGEMENT seminar please contact us.