The vessel Insular from Transinsular received on the past month of March the most advanced energy and gas emissions management system, VEEO system, which won the Seatrade Awards for Clean Shipping in 2012.


VEEO system will allow the shipowner to comply with MARPOL VI, sending real-time energy consumption data to shore and also ‘key performance indicators’, such as energy used per nautical mile to carry a ton of load (kWh/(Ton Mn)).


VEEO also makes data management and automatic reports, producing all the information required for a SEEMP online, which is also available on a platform installed on the ‘cloud’, developed by TecnoVeritas, allowing the shipowner to access the performance of the ship through the internet.


With VEEO, a torque meter for shaft torque, thrust, speed and power, Optipower, was also supplied to INSULAR.