TecnoVeritas will be present at Blue Week Lisbon 2015, exposing together with other AIN (Naval Industries Association) companies. These companies form a cluster of the naval industry in Portugal, comprehending shipyards like Lisnave, to naval architecture offices. Therefore, all the ones interested in the naval industry in Portugal may have a good grasp of the Portuguese naval industry capabilities.


In an unprecedented event, Portugal invites ministers of the sea from all over the world to join and sit around the same table.


What are the government’s responsibilities when it comes to preserving the ocean and, at the same time, promoting the blue economy? What are the financing mechanisms available to the business stakeholders? What is the most adequate legal framework to facilitate sustainable and long-term investments? In which direction do countries want to go to ensure a global governance of the ocean? These and other questions will underpin a reflection which should provide suitable answers that people expect from political-makers.


Simultaneously, The Economist Events hosts its third World Ocean Summit in Lisbon (Cascais). A summit is a leading event for bringing together decision-makers from the world of business, science, NGOs and government to discuss the future of a sustainable ocean economy. The objective of this third World Ocean Summit is to explore the opportunity for business, governments, and the international ocean community that blue growth presents, identifying practical and realistic solutions to the tension between economic development and environmental sustainability. World Ocean Summit 2015 aims to answer one fundamental question: How can we make the transition from a conventional ocean economy to a new blue economy?


More information visit the website: http://www.blueweek.pt/