TecnoVeritas has been chosen by the actual management company of Delphine, Cobrera Yacht Consulting of Monaco and his technical manager Lionel LEBUGLE to improve her in terms of energy and comfort. S.S. Delphine is one of the most beautiful Yachts of our time.


The vessel overhauling is taking place in Lisbon Naval Rocha Shipyards, where she is dry-docked since October 2016. The revamping is aiming apart from other maintenance tasks a fuel consumption reduction in excess of 20% making her one of the most Eco-friendly Luxury Yacht on business on the date.


S.S.Delphine is receiving new boilers controls for optimised air-fuel ratio, feed water economisers, but also the NATO approved Voyage Energy Efficiency Optimiser VEEO (1st prize of Sea Trade Awards Clean Shipping 2012) and BOEM-S (Blue Overall Energy Monitoring system). By using these two solutions from TecnoVeritas, ship management is capable of optimising Delphine’s operations, being connected digitally to the vessel.


VEEO is connected to Optipower that is measuring the two shaft lines Torque, Thrust and RPM, therefore allowing the monitoring of hull and machinery condition. VEEO is delivering crucial information to the crew regarding the level of energy use at any moment while advising the way to improve it. Weather routing and voyage optimisation were also deployed.


BOEM-S toolbox includes Ship Performance and its prediction, Energy Management and its accountancy, Maintenance Management, Ship Document Management and Condition Monitoring of the most crucial ship systems components like condensers, which have a strong impact on fuel consumption. A most important detail is that reporting is fully automated without human intervention, therefore freeing ship crew for other tasks, while ensuring a great reliability of data.


S.S. Delphine is also receiving from TecnoVeritas a special attention regarding sound and vibration insulation. Particularly optimised sound canopies and vibration mountings have been designed so that she will be offering their guests an unbeatable sailing silence. SS Delphine is a yacht commissioned by Horace Dodge, co-founder of Dodge Brothers the American car manufacturer. The yacht was launched on 2nd of April 1921, with a length between perpendiculars of 79 m.


Power was originally supplied by three Babcock & Wilcox boilers powering two 1,100 kW quadruple expansion engines. In her 2003 refit, Delphine was re-equipped with two modern water-tube boilers operating at 17.5 bars, the main boiler has an evaporation capacity of 14 tons/hour of steam while the auxiliary boiler can evaporate 4 ton/hour; these new boilers supply steam to the two original quadruple-expansion engines. Delphine is the only yacht built between 1893 and 1930 left in her original condition with her original steam propulsion plant still in service.

S.S.Delphine at Naval Rocha Shipyard Drydock. A view of her beautiful bow.


Figure 1 – S.S.Delphine at Naval Rocha Shipyard Drydock. A view of her beautiful bow.