Project Description: Strengthening the Internationalisation of TecnoVeritas and their own solutions, of total technological basis.

Project Code: LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-024613

Main Goal: With this internationalisation plan, TecnoVeritas intends to reduce its dependence on the domestic market at the level of services provided and diversify the sales of its products for new international markets (Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Greece, Netherlands, Germany and China).

Intervention Region: Lisbon


Approval date: 05-04-2017

Start Date: 01-11-2016

Conclusion Date: 31-10-2018

Total eligible cost: €218,225.00 (two hundred and eighteen thousand, two hundred and twenty-five euros)

FEDER – 87.290,00€ (eighty-seven thousand, two hundred and ninety euros)

Goals, activities and expected/ achieved results:

  • Total Turnover – achieve a turnover of 1,3 million euros by the end of 2019;
  • International Turnover – represent, at least 546 thousand euros in 2019, that is, a weight of 42% of international turnover;
  • International Markets Diversity – get international sales accumulated until 2019, in all 10 international investment target markets by TecnoVeritas: Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, China, Spain, United Kingdom and USA;
  • Raise of the Products Sales Turnover – selling own products VEEO, Optipower, BOEM-S, EDS and Enermulsion to the target international markets, in a way it represents 37% of the total turnover of the company in 2019;
  • International Commercial Team – constitute an International Commercial Department in the external target markets;
  • R&D – continue the internal R&D activity, in a way to develop new products and improve the existing ones;
  • EBITDA/Turnover – achieve a ratio of 32% at the end of 2019.

Project 25.520

QREN – Incentive Scheme Qualification And Internationalization Of SMES

Start Date: 1st January 2012

End Date: 31st December 2014

Goals: Enhancing business strategy already developed in the previous project in order to continue promoting the international work, also in new markets: Denmark, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Emirates and Norway.

Project 12.753

QREN – Incentive Scheme Qualification and Internationalization of SMES

Start Date: 1st January 2010

End Date: 31st December 2012

Goals: The business strategy followed by TecnoVeritas in recent years has been to provide services and develop new solutions to reduce the cost of energy and environmental sustainability. Since the Portuguese market hasn’t had enough industries to absorb our products, Tecnoveritas commitment his internationalization. In this sense, we intend to focus efforts on two specific markets: the European Union, especially in the case of Greece where there is a vast market of maritime activity and Southeast Asia where there has been a huge growth of industry in the last years. In the last years, we assist to an increase of restrictions to emission pollutants resulting in a great interest in our products. To accomplish with this objective, Tecnoveritas needs a strong commercial structure focused on internationalization to promote his products in the international market.