EDS Mk4, as an Engine Diagnosis System, accompanied by a powerful database and data analysis software, therefore, it allows engine data ambient corrections and turbocharger efficiency monitoring.


Analysis and automatic reports of main engine systems, like fuel injection system and turbocharger efficiency are produced without being a burden to engineers.



  • Portable;
  • Robust and accurate;
  • Easy to use;
  • Engine Performance Control;
  • Multi-engine database;
  • Correction of pressures and temperatures to ISO 3046 standard;
  • Closed, open, derivative, 720º diagrams, bar graphs.
Engine Diagnosis System Pack


  • High-temperature pressure sensors;
  • For gas or diesel engines and compressors;
  • Vibrations analysis and Fuel injection pump diagnosis diagrams are also possible;
  • The online information is immediately transferred to the central computer for analysis;
  • For low-speed diesel engines an encoder can be included, optimizing angle measurements;
  • With the use of EDS all cylinder pressures are taken at the same time, providing measurements under the same conditions;
  • To minimize speed errors and improve the quality of transmitted data, EDS has high-frequency sampling, allowing crank angle measurements;
  • This system can be used to adjust Otto cycle motors and Dual Fuel is used as a protection/ warning system, exchanging information with the motor control unit by CANbus system.



Power Supply Battery 2×7.4/2300mAh
Operation Temperature -40ºC – +85ºC
Processor Texas Instruments
Dimensions (WxHxD) 220x122x47
Weight 0,9kg
Memory Capacity 1,0GB
Display w/ black light Graphic, 249x128px
Analogue Inputs 2
Input Range 4-20 mA, 0-10 V
Resolution 0.5º – 1.0º degrees cranck angle
Accuracy 0,1% FS
Digital Input 1[synchronization, TDC cylinder 1]
Resolution 16 Bit
Cycle Two or Four Stroke engines
Reciprocating Compressors Single/Double acting
Speed 50-3000 RPM
Data Content Speed, Pressure, Temperature, Degrees, Acceleration