Dr. Jorge Antunes, CEO of the company

Jorge Antunes


“About thirty years ago, when I dreamed of the company, I dreamed with one that did not resemble most of the engineering companies of that time. I was dreaming with engineering opportunities, new systems and a bright future to come.


I was aiming at the market of the difficult engineering things, the engineering jobs that only some companies were capable of performing. I wanted TecnoVeritas to be among one of the few.

With care, humbleness, study and hard work it happens, once and once again, delivering engineering solutions worldwide. Many times forcing ourselves to the limit of knowledge, listening to the client’s needs, believing that intelligent solutions and innovation, may well come from a small interdisciplinary team and that a small structure may be much faster and productive than a big one, like most of the big companies of nowadays.

TecnoVeritas has been recognised internationally by its innovative work, engagement and imagination. All of it supported and maintained by high-quality standards, created a top team of young professionals who have obtained certificates and licenses proving the competence of the company.

But we have achieved more. The most important change is the change within ourselves, which happened slowly throughout the years. We have changed, and I believe that we have changed for the better. We learned to understand the needs of our clients, see their goals. We have evolved to cooperate on a higher level.

Whatever goals we have set in the past, today we have new ones. Our main goal is to continuously increase the quality of our services and products and our ability to understand the client’s needs. To satisfy it with high-quality engineering solutions, thus releasing the client’s objectives in unison with our ideas.

The three main company mottos apply: “We all know more than me”, “Labora et vinces” and “Your problem is always an opportunity to do our best”.”