We provide a wide range of condition monitoring services of data acquisition and analysis, such system continuously monitors the operating conditions and has a significant role in managing the process, allowing the automatic detection of changes in the process control variables, possible damage and its evolution with maintenance optimization rewards.


The monitoring systems developed by TecnoVeritas allow the implementation of the concept of “smart machine”, that is, remote maintenance.


The purpose of Metrology is to guarantee the accuracy of the equipment measurements. These calibrations can be performed in the company’s measurement laboratory or at the customer’s own premises.


In this area TecnoVeritas offers a set of calibration services for pressuretemperaturemasstorqueforce, voltage and current:

Shaft Power, Thrust & Torsional Measurement

Shaft Power and Torsional Analysis will let you know how the equipment is performing.

Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment for the proper operation of your equipment.

Electrical Surveys

Electrical Surveys are a good overall complement of a good maintenance management.

Machinery Balancing

Machinery Balancing for the proper operation of your equipment.

Infrared Thermal Inspections

Infrared Thermal Inspections allow you to monitor the condition of your equipment.

Video Endoscopy Boroscopy

Video Endoscopy and Boroscopy for a proper inspection of remote objects.

Noise Measurements

Noise Measurements & Investigation to attest the noise (sound level) felt in a certain space.

Roughness Measurements & Investigation

Roughness Measurement will let you know the condition of a surface.

Vibration Measurements

Vibration Measurements will let you know the condition of your equipment and if action is needed.

Non-Destructive Tests

Non-destructive Tests will allow you to test without interfering in the condition of the tested part/equipment.

Thickness Measurement

Thickness Measurement will let you know the condition of your equipment.

Diesel Engine Diagnosis

Diesel Engine Diagnosis will let you know the operation condition of your diesel engine.

Bollard Pull Traction Test

Bollard Pull Traction Test will attest your tug has the strength needed to perform its job.