With more than 20 years of technical training, TecnoVeritas turns theoretical knowledge into practical skills for organisations and individuals. We ensure that your team have the skills and know-how to manage operations effectively.


Our specialist training services provide a high-quality learning experience that reflects where the industry is today and will be in the future. TecnoVeritas have a fully equipped training multimedia room and courses are held throughout the year. This is the best option for individuals or small groups to join other organisations for training the same subject.


In-house training is a great option whether you are trying to stay competitive in the market or simply looking to improve your organisation’s processes. Your team learns how to design, test, build new opportunities and value propositions based on methodologies practised by the world’s leading organisations.


TecnoVeritas inject new energy into your organisation through direct coaching and facilitation. Trainers can provide in-house packages or services tailored to your team’s knowledge, experience and unique goals.