Although a variety of key performance indicators can be used to improve ship performance, none is as direct, and produces such a direct correlation, as the complementary use of shaft power, torque and thrust meter, allowing the complete understanding where performance inefficiencies are.

TecnoVeritas developed Optipower, an integrated shaft power, thrust and torque meter, that can identify and segregate where the inefficiencies are, by defining and monitoring some key performance Indicators.



The Optipower is capable of measuring the Torque, Thrust, Speed and Power transmitted by the propulsion shafting.
The system is ideal to measure the propulsion plant performance, therefore a tool to comply with ISO 19030 and MRV.



Optipower System

Optipower Plus


Optipower Plus signals of Torque, Thrust and Power may be visualised and logged into a colour touchscreen, therefore resulting in a very economical solution to monitor basic ship performance.
Although for a complete monitoring of vessel performance and outstanding information and ship energy management Optipower can be connected to VEEO MK4, a Seatrade Award Winner for Cleaning Shipping (London, 2012).

Optipower Plus System





  • RS 232 Diagnostic and Configuration Connection;
  • Power Suply:  110Vac/230Vac (at 60 Hz or 50) or 120 Vdc;
  • Power Consumption:  25 W maximum;
  • Electrical Protection:  Overload/Over Voltage/Auto-recovery after fault condition;
  • Input:  2.4 GHz (fully encrypted signal);
  • Analog Output Signals:  4-20 mA (Torque, Thrust, Power, Speed and Direction);
  • Communications Protocol:  Serial Protocol ( RS485) – Proprietary NMEA0183 String;
  • Dimensions:  152 x 152 x 102 mm;
  • Operating Temperature: – 20ºC to 70ºC;
  • Fault detection and alarm.

Optipower System
Optipower System


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