On 20th September TecnoVeritas led a Crash Course dedicated to Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction on Cruise Ships, on Portugal Shipping Week, at Gare Marítima da Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, Lisbon Portugal.

From 17th to 21st September, Lisbon was the main focus of the naval industry, housing the event Portugal Shipping Week. This was the first edition of this kind in Portugal, that already has several editions at the international level. During all week there were several events, such as conferences, meetings, seminars and exhibitions, including the well-known Seatrade Cruise Med.


TecnoVeritas was present in the Exhibition Area of Ocean Business Week, as well as organizing its own Crash Course. The Crash Course was lectured by Dr Jorge Antunes, PhD on Naval Engineering and TecnoVeritas CEO, and the main focus was Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction on Cruise Ships.


One of the main issues was centred on the new legislation regarding the 2020 goals, imposed by IMO, which systems and methods to put in place to reduce emissions and the reduction of sulphur on fuel used on ships.


Besides the environmental issues, Dr Jorge referred the importance of energy efficiency, mainly on cruise ships, where there are many unnecessary costs, which can be controlled and generate significant savings.


Real cases were discussed with the goal of alerting people for the necessity of diminishing emissions and energy consumption, not only for environmental issues but also for a better cruise ships management. It was also discussed the maintenance of this kind of ships, which many times is neglected, because of as a matter of lack of time and the frenetic pace of the cruise ships, but it is essential since this is about the safety of passengers.


Portugal Shipping Week was also distinct by the presence of his Excellency the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the Minister of the sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, who made the opening of different conferences throughout the week.


Regarding the scenario that we are living in Portugal, this was a very important week, since the sea always had a central role on the Portuguese economy and society, however, it had been fading on the last years.


It was a great honour for TecnoVeritas to be present on Portugal Shipping Week 2018, first edition, and a great milestone to report and a rekindling of the importance of the sea for Portugal.

Image 1 – Dr Jorge Antunes lectured the Crash Course, during Portugal shipping Week 2018