Mitigation of ships emissions through the use of sonochemistry for fuel conditioning


This paper presents the findings of an experimental investigation into the conditioning of HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) using sonochemistry effects on hydrocarbons and water to improve combustion and to mitigate the diesel engine emissions. The sonochemistry technology is introduced and field practical results obtained are explained, not only on the reduction of NOx and PM, but also on the SOx and specific fuel oil consumption. In addition, the paper presents the research and development work carried out on the applicability of the sonochemistry technology to the desulphurization of high sulphur HFO and its applicability to on board desulphurization.

Keywords: Emissions, NOx, SOx, Ultrasonic, Water decomposition, Sonochemistry, HFO, Sulphur reduction, NOx reduction.

Written by

Jorge Antunes
PhD, MSc Marine Engineering

2018 | 19 pages




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