BOEM (Blue Overall Efficiency Monitoring) TYPE APROVED


Connect your fleet to your office, or to your mobile phone! Based on Artificial Intelligence, Empower yourself with the user-friendly BOEM.

Turn your existing vessels into digital vessels, improving energy efficiency, and operational efficiency.

BOEM uses real-time data and analysis to make accurate predictions and measure the impact of measures and initiatives.

Example of BOEM regression – it showcases in red the technical file line, and in blue the real data
Main Features:
1. Ship performance monitoring;
2. Does MRV, CII; EEOI calculations automatically;
3. Full Maintenance Management;
4. Documentation Management Noon reports, Voyage reports, ISM, Manuals, Audits, crew documentation)
5. Works even in remote areas (like in Antarctica),
6. Voyage planning and optimisation;
7. Budgeting;
8. Purchase and Procurement
BOEM interfaces with most accounting programs (SAP, etc.).
BOEM Landing Page – here you can see all existing modules
Example of maintenance agenda
Ask us how you can use BOEM for e-mail-free vessel management!