LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier)


Safe. Easy to Store onboard. Easy to handle. Recyclable.


LOHC can be used the safest carrier of H2:

1 – It allows the storing, transportation and bunkering of considerable quantities of hydrogen safely, namely in what concerns the SOLAS regulations regarding the ignition temperature of fuels;

2 – Ship tanking is compatible with LOHC;

3 – Usage of onboard heat for the activation of the de-hydration reactor;

4 – Knowledge available at TecnoVeritas on the use of Hydrogen as fuel for compression ignition engines (multiple works and papers on the topic);

5 – Strong support from National Authorities, as well as from European Union on decarbonisation;

6 – TecnoVeritas has partnered with Shipowner to install the technology for demonstration.