On the 51st meeting of the MoU of Paris Committee, that occurred from the 7th to 11th May, in Cascais, the subject discussed, in the context of Port State Control, addressed the limitations regarding the maximum international indexes of sulphur dioxide present in the ships fuels, and planned for 2020.


From the 1st January 2020, the international measures of awareness rising will be applied without exceptions, promoting the new sustainable paradigm to run the development and practices of global maritime transport.


It was agreed to launch a ‘ warning letter ‘, which, from the 1st January 2019, will «encourage timely compliance purpose» of the new rules.


The Secretary-General of the Paris MoU, Richard Schiferli, stated that this will be a sign to the industry that the control (tight and vigilant) carried out by the Port State Control mechanism will lead to the fulfilment of the new sulphur limits from the ‘first day’.