The final presentation of the SeaITALL Project took place during the morning of December 14th, 2018, at the IPMA building in Algés. TecnoVeritas was present to present its collaboration with the project.


“The SeaItAll project aims to improve fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) systems by developing a set of solutions to increase maritime situational awareness and improve fisheries management systems. It comprises several sub-projects exploring new solutions for specific situations or needs coming from both the fisheries administrations and the fishing companies.” Source:

The project was developed by Xsealence, a Portuguese multinational that provides complete solutions for command, control and monitoring of marine applications, and by INOV, the largest Portuguese technological infrastructure in the field of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications. In addition, the project also participated in entities such as IPMA, TecnoVeritas and ISCTE.

TecnoVeritas has developed a prototype through a freezer to determine the weight caught in the hold of a fishing vessel. In addition to the freezer, this component of the project consists of temperature and pressure sensors, a fan and an automation board, which allow air to be blown into the freezer and determine the weight of the fishing.

In addition to this integral element of the project developed by TecnoVeritas the project is much more complex, hence the participation of two other entities that collaborated with the development of different fish monitoring and identification components.

During the presentation on the 14th, each entity presented its part of the project and discussed several issues of development of the various stages and collaborations.


Image 1 – Eng. Óscar Moreira presented the component developed by TecnoVeritas for the project SeaItAll.