TecnoVeritas is a 25-year-old engineering company, that decided to put its words into action, by making its operation in terms of energy carbon-free.

The offices and the labs are now supplied with renewable energy produced by the company’s solar and wind installations production, becoming self-sufficient in terms of electric power.

With the surplus of green electric power, TecnoVeritas is producing its own hydrogen, which is used to power a Renault Clio powered by a converted internal combustion engine 1200 CC.

The use, of hydrogen in the Clio 1.2 was revealed to be a valid option for fuel-cell technology as internal combustion engines can cope with less pure hydrogen and therefore less expensive as well as the engine is also capable of running on petrol, therefore the fuel autonomy is resolved.

The company that has been dedicated for the last 30 years to energy optimisation and clean environment technologies, became Itself a live laboratory for sustainability.

The company has been dedicated to hydrogen R&D technology as a solution for humanity since the year 2000. Presently, TecnoVeritas is producing alkaline electrolysers, Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation systems of a Liquid Oil Hydrogen Carrier (LOCH) and also converting existing internal combustion engines to dual-fuel operation, as is the case of the Clio Dual Fuel but also marine Diesel engines. TecnoVeritas is now offering these technologies to the marine market, where it has been present since its very first day of activity. The company is now closing the complete cycle of the green hydrogen, i.e., production, storage and transportation and conversion by using internal combustion engines, namely Diesel engines.