TecnoVeritas is proudly communicating that the company has been admitted as a member of IACCSEA (International Association for Catalytic Control of Ship Emissions to Air) with a primary focus on demonstrating the technological and economic viability of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reactor) technology, capable of reducing NOx emissions from marine engines.

At TecnoVeritas we believe in Circular Economy Principles, where existing vessels can be as “green” as new ships. This has an extreme impact on stakeholders’ medium and long planning since newbuilds represent extreme investments in a volatile market. We, at TecnoVeritas, can instead offer the revamping of existing vessels to TIER III NOx level of emissions, allowing the operation of your ships into the most stringent NOx Emission Control Areas (NECA) of the world.

Our capability is demonstrated in the technological and economic viability of many successful projects where SCR technology was applied to reduce the engine’s emissions below the NOx TIER III level. 

Our portfolio includes the M/S Vasco da Gama, M/S Le Boreal, and M/S Le Austral, in the last two years alone. 

We do this by combining experienced engineers and the most sophisticated engineering tools, to produce customised SCR solutions for your vessels and implement it in a turnkey type of project.