The implementation of BOEM-S, a global performance management platform at Rebonave began in the third quarter of 2016 and is currently being updated, according to the user experience, seeking the maximum applicability of the program in the operation of maintenance of the company’s fleet.

BOEM-S was selected by Rebonave due to the wide application it allows, enabling the start of information digitalization plan that the company was aiming to develop. This platform enables the monitoring of key indicators, technical management, performance management, crew management, route planning with a climatic indication (applicable to ocean tugs). In the specific case of Rebonave, the company decided to start the process through the implementation of the maintenance management module.


The implementation of BOEM-S on Rebonave’s maintenance actions planning, as well as the document management, arises with the company’s interest in increasing the efficiency of this department, simplifying the communication and tasks of the employees responsible for the actions to be taken.


This simplification is justified by the fact that BOEM-S is a Cloud-based platform, accessible through a PC, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. In case of not being able to access the Internet,  an onboard installation is possible, which is synchronized with the information available on the departure date. During the course of the tasks and with the accumulation of experience, BOEM-S registers and learns all the changes resulting from the maintenance operations, by analyzing the changes within similar “work orders”, allowing the maintenance team to have a real notion of the time and costs required for each intervention.


Later on, Rebonave can optimize maintenance costs by crossing the technical behavior of the equipment with the actual need for maintenance, learning from experience to avoid failures and on the other hand to increase intervals between maintenance actions. BOEM-S is also installed on Transinsular ships, Navy Patrols and aboard passenger ships such as the famous SS DELPHINE or Ex-Atlantida.