Reducing emissions and fuel consumption is (and will be for the next years) an issue that we need to learn how to overcome. Not only we want to reduce costs but mostly we need to save what’s left of the environment.


There are several ways and solutions available. One of them is implementing SEEMP on your ship.

SEEMP can provide ship owners with a complete method to enhance their fleet’s energy efficiency, applicable on a voluntary basis pointing at developing best practices for ship operations.


Based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act model, SEEMP has performed analysis log books and other relevant information regularly collected and recorded on board:

  • Planning: current practices and energy usage on board each ship are reviewed in order to set energy efficiency goals;
  • Implementation: the measurements proposed must be met on a system that determines how these tasks will be accomplished while keeping records of these actions and their results;
  • Monitoring: it will determine whether the energy efficiency measures are working or not, through the EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Index – CO2 production per cargo tonne-nautical mile), as recommended by the SEEMP guidance (MEPC.213(63)) and developed by the IMO;
  • Self-evaluation & Improvement: measures are assessed and the results become part of the next improvement cycle.

With SEEMP you can reduce emissions, reduce fuel costs, comply with the legislation, improve your energy efficiency, monitor your energy performance, and know your vessels deeper and make shrewder energy-related decisions.


To get all of these benefits you can count on us to implement SEEMP on your vessels while making a complete energy survey that will grant you a full knowledge of your fleet.