Engine Performance based on Condition Monitoring Using Ship Shore Data Connections


The present paper focus is on diesel engines performance monitoring as these engines are the shipping working horses. The deficient operation of a diesel engine may be detected and corrected to minimise emissions, consumption and its operating cost and maximise engine availability.

This paper establishes a methodology of engine systems efficiency, and how they may be monitored via ship shore data link using BOEM-S (cloud-based software). The paper concentrates on thermal loading of diesel engines, control of components and on some details on the subject of combustion control. Finally, we will illustrate some of the results by examples.

Keywords: Diesel engine performance monitoring; emissions; operating costs; cloud-based software.

Written by Jorge M.G. Antunes PhD, MSc, BSc Marine Engineering CEO of TecnoVeritas Ltd.
Rohit Prackash | 2018 | 21 pages




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