Tools for the Control of Ship Emissions and Energy and the New IMO Regulations



With the fast increase in oil price, the fuel costs now account for up to 50 % of a ship operating costs in some sectors and trades. Simultaneously shipping industry is becoming under pressure to reduce GHG (Green House Gases) emissions like CO2, being already underway a number of mechanisms such as MBI's (Market Based Instruments) based on Emission Trading Schemes (a carbon tax system) and the IMO MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee) MEPC.1/Circ.684 from 17 August 2009. This work addresses the latest regulations but also introduces the tools ship owners need to implement such as energy and emissions reduction plans. EETI (Energy Efficiency Transport Index) is introduced as an index to effectively translate the ship energy operation efficiency, instead of EEOI that do not account for fuel quality delivered to the vessel. The paper also presents and analyses real ship energy and emissions data, gathered by VEEO (Voyage Energy and Emissions Optimizer), an author developed ship energy and emissions performance monitoring system installed on board 25 container vessels.

Keywords: CO2, VEEO, IMO MEPC.

Written by

Jorge Antunes
PhD, MSc Marine Engineering

2011 | 17 pages




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