Shipowner: Douro Azul
Propulsion: 2 azimuth columns with two propellers each. 2 bow thrusters
Installed power: 10,638 kW
2 Alternator groups ABC: 8VDZC of 1766 KW
2 ABC alternator groups: 16VDZC from 3553 KW
Displacement: 4810 t
Length: 97.53 m
Mouth: 18.00 m
Draft: 5.0 m
Passengers: 750

Sold to Hurtigrutten and in service in Norway

Project Details:


In addition to the many works carried out to make the Atlantida seaworthy, in-depth work was carried out within the scope of the platform management system and in particular the propulsion system. It was the responsibility of TecnoVeritas to put the ship in condition to be sold new. The ship had a Damcos platform automation and control system that had to be redone and commissioned. The system monitors and controls all onboard subsystems, such as thrusters, generators, flood alarms, watertight doors, freshwater production, energy management, etc. TecnoVeritas had to create the necessary interfaces between the equipment and respective HMI’s, as well as commissioning. It should be noted that all automation and related signals interfaced with the generic Damcos system including the propulsion system which included 4 diesel groups, frequency inverter alternators and a dynamic stability system.