SS Delphine

Shipowner: Cobrera
Ship type: Luxury Passengers
Gross tonnage: 1961 tones
LPP: 257.8ft
Mouth: 35.5ft
Draft: 14.6ft
Capacity: 26 passengers
Max speed: 12 knots
Installed power two reciprocating steam engines (19 bar) quadruple expansion: 2 Mpp 1 000kW
2x Diesel Groups Alternators of 275 kW

Project Details:


The work carried out consisted of measures to improve the ship’s energy efficiency, namely: Implementation of two systems to optimize the air-fuel ratio of the boilers, using oxygen probes and frequency variators, Installation of VEEO software to manage the platform, satellite connection to the BOEM platform for the technical management of the ship, implementation of fuel and power metering systems and thrust to the shaft.