In the past month of June, TecnoVeritas signed a contract with Mystic Cruises for the EU MRV certification of all their vessels. The company is specialised into high luxury cruises to the poles.

TecnoVeritas as an independent MRV verifier signed the contract in which it was established two services: the validation of the vessel’s EU MRV Monitoring Plan and the verification of the Emissions Report for the first reporting period.


The first stage will comprise the assurance that the vessel’s procedures and methodologies are in compliance with EU 757/2015 and EU 2072/2016 imposed by IMO. The procedures include ship’s activity data monitoring (covered distance in voyage, hours at sea), fuel consumption data, CO2 emissions from the main emissions sources on board and energy efficiency indicators.

The second stage refers to the verification of reported data to the community (Thetis MRV platform) and the issuance of the Document of Compliance (DOC), the official document to maintain on board during EU MRV voyages, which must be checked by port’s authorities.

The vessels have the particularity of being expedition ships that combine high design with functionality which is appropriate for exploring some of the most isolated and beautiful areas of the planet – Antarctica and Arctic regions.


Figure 1  – World Explorer, one of the Mystic Cruises’ vessels.