On January 29, 2019, the UOPV (Unmanned Oceanic Patrol Vessel), a project developed by TecnoVeritas, was approved by the Fundo Azul.

About a year after the candidature, TecnoVeritas received the new that the UOPV project was approved by the Fundo Azul, “a Portuguese financial incentive mechanism to foster the development of the economy of the sea; support scientific and technological research; encourage protection and monitoring of the marine environment; enhance maritime safety.” Source: DGPM


Figure 1 – UOPV prototype.

The project itself is focused on maritime safety. UOPV is an unmanned patrol vessel, wave propelled and performs equally well on all headings including directly into wind and waves.  It has zero emissions and can roam the oceans for very long periods, transmitting data via satellite to shore.


This extreme endurance coupled with a unique solution to the speed/payload/power balance for unmanned surface vessels (USVs) offers great new potential to all engaged in oceanic monitoring and surveillance.


The vessel was designed to stand the heavy weather of the North Atlantic Seas, developing a military patrolling action in all conditions, having an outstanding stealth behaviour on its surface and submerged mode.


The UOPV is also an excellent platform for civilian research (marine biology as well as oceanography), due to its space, power and payload availabilities, as well as to its silent operation.


Figure 2 – UOPV System


No vessel in history had UOPV capabilities. It invites you to let your imagination run: what could you do with such a vessel?

UOPV – A strategic infrastructure for the Portuguese and European maritime activities, a tool for the future designed by TecnoVeritas and built by Nautiber.