Like in the past, Portugal is committed to the sea, not only because of its relevance during the Discoveries but because it is a place where people dream with the sea, a place where high quality of mariners and ship owners exist. To prove it, the cruise ship oriented shipowner Mr Mário Ferreira, owner of Mystic Cruises and Niko Cruises, as put forward order of 10 Luxury passenger vessels of the new Class of cruise vessels, the World Explorer.

These ice classed ocean-going expedition vessels are 9,300 tons, 200 guest which are under construction at West Sea Shipyard in Portugal, and are characterised by extremely cosy and sophisticated areas, as well as their “small” dimensions allow a particular interaction between guests that after some time can be felt as almost a family, creating an expedition “team feeling” and a long lasting after cruising friendship. Click here for more ship details.

Like many other Portuguese companies, one such a big project works as a technology catalyser for many suppliers like TecnoVeritas, spurring the search of solutions for the vessel’s particular needs, like a reduced carbon footprint, communications, platform management.


Figure 1 – World Explorer Mystic


TecnoVeritas has been enrolled since the beginning of the project, on the hybrid propulsion plant concept, by Rolls Royce Marine, on the definition of I/O data channels, but also on specific systems and software for the performance management of the vessels and data transmission to shore based on the “Cloud”.

TecnoVeritas is customising its systems VEEO (Voyage Energy Efficiency Optimiser), but also its “Cloud Based” software BOEM-S (Blue Overall Efficiency Monitoring System) to transmit ashore in real time ship operational data, but also its Maintenance Management and ISM Code, so all the ships of the class will be connected in real time to shore, sharing, for example, spare parts information, etc.

To reach outstanding ship performance data, the two vessel shafts will be equipped with Shaft Power and Thrust Meters – Optipower from TecnoVeritas. This will allow, propulsion performance monitoring and the acquisition of valuable hydrodynamic data.